Mar 18, 2010

The Windmills. Edge of August.

A bit of a time warp, this one. The Windmills formed back in 1987, released one single during C-86's heyday, and promptly broke up. Fast forward to 1998 when three fourths of the original members regrouped for a one-off Christmas gig. Matinee records caught wind of the "reunion" and contacted them about putting out some old Windmills material. Instead, the band decided to make a go of it and reentered the studio to record a new single, Three Sixty Degrees. A year later, they put out their first ever full-length album, Edge of August and it sounds like 1986 again. Jangle-mope at it's best, similar in sound to The Weather Prophets, House of Love, The Go-Betweens, and Lloyd Cole. For the most part, The Windmills combine beautiful, bright guitars with wry, self-consciously downbeat lyrics (I wouldn't have had it any other way / and I'm not that sad / but I'm sad anyway, or Today is not as good as yesterday / which I hated anyway, for example).

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Edge of August

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