Mar 17, 2010

Rose of Avalanche. First Avalanche.

Like the In Rock album, First Avalanche was the result of another dispute with their record label. Unlike NEMS, who could never get The Boys’ albums out on time, Leeds Independent Label was so eager to cash in on Rose of Avalanche that they rarely waited for the group to finish a whole album, instead jumping the gun and issuing collections of singles and b-sides without the band’s consent. This one came out in 1986, just as the band signed to Fire Records.

ROA never fit snugly into any one category, boasting a big, stadium ready sound that amalgamated elements of Lou Reed by way of Felt by way of David Bowie by way of Bauhaus by way of the Doors. Singer Philip Morris’ voice has the requisite deep-death twang, and Glen Schultz’s guitar alternated between blistering and stately. They sound oddly American for a band with indie-goth aspirations, and occasionally they succumb more to mannerism than inspiration, but for an unauthorized compilation, there’s still plenty of good songs—particularly A Stick In the Works, A Thousand Landscapes, and L.A. Rain.

First Avalanche

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