Mar 26, 2010

Soft Boys. Two Halves for the Price of One (Only the Stones Remain & Lope at the Hive).

Released after the band had broken up, Two Halves was exactly what it claimed. Individually titled and designed as a double A-Side, Only the Stones Remain collected their last studio sessions up against Lope at the Hive, a swaggering, gutsy set recorded live at the Hope & Anchor. A few of the songs later made it onto the 1976-1981 compilation, but the full album has never been reissued. Never one to hide their influences, The Soft Boys indulge in numerous cover songs here, with a faithful rendition of the The Bells of Rhymney on the studio side, and rollicking versions of Astronomy Domine, Outlaw Blues, and Mystery Train finishing out their live set.

Two Halves

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Anonymous said...

BTW Mystery Train file is corrupt. I DLed 2x to check. Cuts out after 50 sec or so.

Any chance for a reup?

Egnu Cledge said...

Re-upped. Should work this time.