Mar 8, 2010

Remember Fun. Demos.

From their press release announcing the re-release of their long lost Train Journeys EP:
Remember Fun were a Scottish band formed in the mid-1980's who aligned themselves with contemporaries the Close Lobsters and the Church Grims in believing pop music could have a bitter edge. Following a string of accomplished demos, they appeared first on a Sha La La flexi with a song called "Hey Hey Hate" in 1986. Two compilation tracks followed: "Clearly Blurred" on an Airspace charity LP in 1987; then "Cold Inside" on the Egg Records 12" "A Lighthouse in the Desert" in 1988. The following year, they made a recording of their most accessible song to date called "Train Journeys." It should have taken the world by storm but sadly never made it to proper release. Instantly memorable, the song features shimmering guitars, honest vocals and a superb beefy bass. Perfectly capturing the disaffection of youth, the song deserved to be heard by everyone.

They put me in the mind of early R.E.M.'s bass sound and Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want-style Smiths vocals. You can grab more of their songs on the Airspace and Corrupt Postman compilations.

Video for Cold Inside


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