Mar 5, 2010

The Brilliant Corners. Joy Ride (Plus Bonus Tracks).

An absolutely wonderful and mostly forgotten 80's band from Bristol that never quite fully broke through into the mainstream. Probably the most musically accomplished of the post-Smiths bands, singer David Woodward's voice is much richer and more expressive than the usual anemic indie singers, while the band combines elements of The Siddeleys and the Close Lobsters. The songs have a definite verve and bounce with a lot more edge than most of the other indie bands of the period. Where their previous record Somebody Up There Likes Me was a bit of a party album, Joyride adds barnstorming guitar solos and a heavier rhythm section to their catchy melodies and joyous horns. It’s an absolute classic.

Here’s their video for one of the finest indie songs ever written: Why Do You Have to Go Out With Him When You Could Go Out With Me? (with help from Amelia Fletcher (of Heavenly, Tender Trap, and Talulah Gosh fame):

And another for I Didn't See You:


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