Jan 22, 2010

The Primitives. Lovely.

Crash, I'll Stick With You, and Way Behind Me give me the oddest feeling of déjà vu. I'm sure I've heard them in some distant past by some other band. Surely these are indie pop updates of some long-lost, 60's girl group, or at least the work of a Flatmates cover band? That feeling can either mean that The Primitives tapped into a truly incandescent vein of musical history, or that they're hopelessly derivative. Aside from a few people slagging them off as sub-par Blondie clones, most listeners think it's the former.

Lead singer Tracy Tracy has a voice as quintessentially sweet and dreamy as a sundress, and reportedly kicked their original drummer out of the band for mistreating her cats (twee as fuck, baby!). The only thing revolutionary about them is that they might have started the whole "female-fronted-dream-pop-band" phenomenon that was to become the standard template up through the pre-Nirvana 90s. Outside of the infinitely superior Black Tambourine, Lovely may be the genre's best moment (if you can call a particular gender ratio a genre...which you can't). Stop Killing Me, for example, is the type of song that makes you think of the rush of teenage sexual joyrides (Morrissey was a fan), but is clearly made by people who thought that what the Jesus & Mary Chain needed was to huff Pixie Sticks instead of motorcycle exhaust. Elsewhere, they bring to mind the confident power-pop of The Siddeleys.

Despite some excellent songwriting, instantly accessible tunes (I defy you not to love Crash), and a whole bunch of catchy bah-bah-bah choruses, The Primitives never quite captured this feeling again. They broke up after two more (less than well received) albums.

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