Jan 13, 2010

Marine Girls. Lazy Ways and Beach Party.

Inspired by the Young Marble Giants' minimalism and The Raincoats' DIY experimentalism, Tracy Thorn formed the Marine Girls with school chums Gina and Jane Fox (later replaced by Jane's younger sister Alice) in 1980. After selling a homemade tape to close friends, the group recorded Beach Party for the Whaam! label. Painfully naive, innocent and raw, Beach Party is like a stubby pencil sketch of their hero's sound. It makes The Softies sound like Led Zeppelin in comparison. The trio didn't know any drummers, so the only percussion to be found is the tapping of the occasional woodblock. Focusing solely on their sparse, out of tune vocals and a strummed guitar, Beach Party is nevertheless bouncy and sprightly, with a number of twee pop classics like In Love, Flying over Russia, and Honey.

Lazy Ways followed a couple of years later. Produced by Stuart Moxham, it sounded almost professional in comparison with their first album. The charming, homemade clatter of Beach Party is replaced by a softer, more polished intimacy. By this time, Tracy had gone off to college and could only record with the band on holidays. They split up around the same time this was released, with Jane and Alice forming Grab Grab the Haddock, and Tracy finding fame and fortune with Everything But the Girl.

Beach Party
Lazy Ways

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