Jan 12, 2010

Landing. Centrefuge.

We spent a couple of years in Landing's home base of Connecticut, so I was lucky enough to see them live a number of times. At house party at Dave Longstreth's place, The Dirty Projectors , Mount Eerie, and D+ played acoustic sets in the middle of the bare living room. Phil Elverum tried to teach us a slow stomp...stomp...clap rhythm to accompany one of his songs, but as we tried it everyone burst into laughter as we collectively realised we'd slipped into doing Queen's We Will Rock You instead.

I guess because they'd brought all of their instruments and needed a better electrical hookup, Landing played in the basement. It was tiny and the band took up most of the available space. The rest of us were packed in like cordwood. I was about a foot away from Adrienne Snow. It felt weird staring her in the face so I just closed my eyes. Everyone was reverentially silent and as they started to play, the room and all the people in it just evaporated. Even listening to them on record feels like wearing the Aurora Borealis as a blanket. You're both embraced and dissolved. They make perfect company with Seefeel, Harmonia, Cluster, and Harold Budd, so if you're into those sorts of drifting, midnight-deep pools of sound, this EP will be exactly your sort of thing.


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