Jan 11, 2010

Labradford. Prazision LP.

It starts by hemorrhaging sound. Some type of deep space satellite has sprung a leak and a bottomless ocean of electronic scree is seeping out into the universe.

Switching between dissonant drone (Listening In Depth's layers of looped feedback) and cloudy ambience (Disremembering's shades Stars of the Lid or ambient Cocteau Twins), Labradford instantly made a name for themselves as the flagship release on Kranky (soon to become well known for this type of updated, experimental space-rock). Think of Loop covering Cluster, and you have the basic idea. Of course, you can also hear a bit of Landing, Aix Em Klemm, Pan•American, and some of the Cure's best minor key atmospherics. And nestled right in the middle of all this static is Soft Return, whose pillowy instrumentation and whispered vocals sound like Spiritualized on some sort of cosmic quaalude comedown. It's a divine, Sunday morning pop song by any standard and easily the best thing they've done.


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