Jan 6, 2010

I Am the World Trade Center. Out of the Loop.

Things did not work out so well for I Am the World Trade Center. First, there's perhaps the unluckiest choice in band names, ever (The name and this album existed before the attacks. Also, the title of track number 11? September. Oooooo, spooky) and then singer Amy Dykes was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (last I heard, she was in remission, thankfully). I notice that their website is gone and their myspace page hasn't been updated since 2008, so I assume they've retired. Such dour associations unfairly color their actual output of groovalicious tweetronica.

This is charming, roller-disco, bedroom dance music that probably had heads bobbing at the indie record store that went out of business five years ago, but never saw a sweaty body slamming on a dancefloor. They were on Kindercore, after all. Amy has a sweet voice that makes me think of an off-kilter Debbie Harry, and Daniel Geller constructs some terrifically catchy loops that bring to mind the frothy reveries of St. Etienne trying to produce a Ladytron record. Everything is jam-packed with jolly, bleepy sounds and bouncing, squiggly keyboard chirps. It's unabashed, homemade fun, like an Etsy version of New Order.

Out of the Loop

IATWTC on myspace

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