Jun 23, 2009

Yume Bitsu / Landing. Dryystonian Dreamscapes. Volume 2.

eyes 1

Landing don't play music so much as emanate it, like the perfume of a giant, night-blooming flower, languorously unfolding its succulent, lobed petals on the forest floor; dappled moonlight splashes it with a galaxy of vibrating stars. Nearby, a silver pool ripples as trees bend and stir the water with careful twigs. It's music to listen to with your eyes closed.

This is volume two of the Yume Bitsu live album. You can find volume one here.

Volume 2, part 1 (Landing)
Volume 2, part 2 (Yume Bitsu)

Landing's official site
Landing on myspace

Yume Bitsu's official site
Yume Bitsu on myspace

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