Jun 4, 2009

Robyn Hitchcock. Unhatched Crablings. Volume 4. The Palest Imaginings.

crablings 4
09/10/11: Link re-upped. We just got a new computer and the zipping program looks different, so let me know if it works for you.

1. Satellite of Love (Lou Reed) (electric)
2. Beetle Train with Antlers
3. If We Had a Baby
4. Stealing Glass (Lennon)
5. Baby You're a Rich Man (w/Morris and Andy) (Beatles)
6. Tonight (w/Morris)
7. KUSF Song (improv) (w/Morris and Andy)
8. If We Hear Music
9. Loop the Loop
10. Billy the Kid (Dylan) / Ring of Fire (Cash)
11. Within You, Without You (Beatles)
12. The End (Doors)
13. The Lizard

Crablings 4

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Anonymous said...

UC4 link down. I know we are old but any chance of a re;up Purleease!

Anonymous said...

I second that emotion...a new link would be of paramount importance

fantom said...

I agree! Esp after getting the other volumes of this great series.....

Egnu Cledge said...

Hi folks. I've put this one back up. Hopefully it'll work properly.