Jun 10, 2009

Charm Pops. Unavailable.

charm pops

Remember when the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev were putting out albums that captured bees inside jars and moths in incubators? Densely layered, buzzing, warbly, sugary, speaker-frying, pop weirdness? Do you miss that? Then you need this obscure gem in your collection.

Essentially the third Radial Spangle release (April Tippins and Alan Laird remain), it was produced by Mercury Rev's Dave Fridmann and featured two ex-Flaming Lips drummers. This is closer in spirit to their Syrup Macrame album, but looser, goofier, and more fun. I highly recommend the songs Gravity's Supple Truss and The Big Ol' World Without You.


Radial Spangle's wikipedia page

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B said...

Woah man, been wanting this for ages, THANKS!