May 20, 2009

Yume Bitsu. Dryystonian Dreamscapes. Volume 1.


It would appear that Yume Bitsu (”dream beats” in Japanese) have long since been blown away by their own auspicious winds. Adam Forkner continues to weave his liquid guitar strings into countless other groups, but there hasn’t been a peep out of his masthead band since 2002. Which is too bad, since their hypnotic drones and shimmering pools of blissed-out sound would be right at home in the underground CD-R culture that has spawned all of Mark McGuire’s infinite variations.

This was their only official live release, originally sold as a hand-made CD-R from Forkner’s Yarnlazer site, although you could briefly get a reissue from States Rights Records. Both are long out of print.


Yume Bitsu official site

Yume Bitsu on myspace

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