Oct 16, 2009

Tuscadero. The Pink Album.

Leather fits in all the right places.

Word on the intertubes is that both Sleater-Kinney and Rilo Kiley nicked Tuscadero's riffs for their own songs. I don't blame them, as this album is a candy-coated classic. It's effortless-gangly-confident-goofy-adorable fun, like sex in high-school.

Heat Lightnin' starts things off with a choppy riff, blitzkrieg drums and a exuberant "Woo!". It's instantly irresistible. Quick as a flash / The Light can ride you / Like having a motorcycle stuck inside you, which pretty aptly describes the whole album. Tuscadero catalog, celebrate and mourn all the tacky splendour and junky fun of growing up in the 70s—songs about board games, the best candies, crayola crayons, Nancy Drew books, their "beaver cleaver neighborhood", and teen idol crushes. What could so easily have come off as unbearably twee is instead non-stop, action-packed, punky pop. I'd bet the Rondelles and Shitt Hottt had Tuscadero in their record colelctions. You should, too.

P.S. This is the original Teenbeat release, not the re-recorded, slicker sounding Electra version (which I haven't heard, but by all accounts, this one is far more amateurishly fun).


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Harold said...

wow! so amazing. all of it! thank you thank you!!!

DigMeOut said...

Check out a podcast review of The Pink Album by Tuscadero on Dig Me Out at digmeoutpodcast.com, a weekly podcast dedicated to reviewing lost and forgotten albums from the 1990s.