Oct 10, 2009

Shitt Hottt. Are You There God? it's Me Shitt Hottt.

Shitt Hottt are indeed just that. They are also defunctt (the extra t is for "typo"). Thankfully, before they left the stage, they put out one hell of a kick-ass, sing-along, tambourine-shaking, farsifa-organned, cowbelled, garage-rock, party record. It's like Bratmobile, Tuscadero and Sleater-Kinney got together and wrote a Sweet Valley High concept album over a few too many beers. It's sexy, sloppy, happy music to jump around your bedroom to. "Boxx Damage" and "Tony Danza Dacestravaganza" rule your school.

Are You There God

Shitt Hottt online (you can get a free ep here, too)

Shitt Hottt on myspace

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