Oct 2, 2009

Magic Hour. Will They Turn You on or Will They Turn on You.

Leaf changing music.

After the demise of slowcore giants Galaxie 500, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang ventured forward as the even more dreamy (and aptly named) Damon & Naomi. Unbeknownst to even most Galaxie 500 fans they also briefly joined Boston psychedelic/garage fixture Wayne Rogers (of Crystallized Movements) as the new rhythm section of his band, Magic Hour. Still as nimble and light as ever, they added depth and nuance to Wayne's neo-psychedelic style.

Perhaps taking a vacation from themselves, they don't sound anything like their more well known incarnations here. The music is densely textural, at times stately, often erupting into fiery bursts of bright, speaker frying guitar squall. The first five tracks are great, buzzing, college rockers, but the main reason to have this album is the 20 minute jam that closes things out. Passing Words twists and darts like a bottle rocket. Building up to crescendo after breathtaking crescendo, it pauses for a moment to breathe and then erupts once more into a profoundly satisfying guitar freak-out; as crisp and wondrous as the chlorophillic death throes of flame-hued trees scoffing at the winter ahead.

Turn You On

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its 2013 and thanks for not deleting this U R A legend