Sep 20, 2010

The Housemartins. Themes For The Well-Dressed Man. Demos.

A very early demo tape from everyone’s favourite purposefully dorky, sincerely sarcastic, Christian Marxists. Also includes some tracks from a BBC session.

1. All Men Are The Same
2. When Will I Be Released
3. Skatsburg
4. Swansea
5. Singapore
6. It's History
7. Time Spent Thinking
8. The Day I Called It A Day
9. Taxi to Singapore
10. Caravan Of Love (live)
11. He Ain't Heavy (live)
12. Heaven Help Us All (live)


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Kodanshi said...
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Kodanshi said...

I love the Housemartins and actually prefer them to The Beautiful South, although for me the loopy nonsense of Fatboy Slim ranks up there for sheer brilliance as well.