Sep 25, 2010

The Field Mice. Sensitive.

Sarah 018
Released: February 27, 1989
01: Sensitive
02: When Morning Comes To Town


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Anonymous said...

Cheers for this one - remember hearing it on Peel and it made my hairs stand on end. A great track (Sensitive) but would love to hear more.
Also, do you have any Even As We Speak singles?
jb (JAPAN)

Egnu Cledge said...

I've got all their Sarah singles, but I've got about 20 more releases until I get to them. I'll have to be better about posting these on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the reply and keep up the good work. Sarah Records was a decent label; shame the 'indie' scene is not what it used to be - but I suppose we all have to move on someday.
jb (JAPAN)