Apr 6, 2010

The Flatmates. Radio Sessions.

Found these while digging through some old CDs. It was just labeled "radio sessions" but the last half of them have the distinct whiff of demos. I don't think New York City Surf Song has shown up anywhere else.

1. Thinking of You (Peel Session)
2. Tell Me Why (Peel Session)
3. Happy All the Time (Peel Session)
4. Love Cuts (Peel Session)
5. When I’m with You (Janice Long Session)
6. Everyday (Buddy Holly cover) (Janice Long Session)
7. I Wanna Be with Him (Janice Long Session)
8. My Empty Head (Janice Long Session)
9. Tell Me Why (1/86)
10. So In Love with You (1/86)
11. Crazy Town (1/13/86)
12. On My Mind (1/13/86)
13. Instrumental (1/13/86)
14. Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground cover) (10/85)
15. New York City Surf Song (10/85)
16. No Fun (10/85)
17. I Don’t Care (10/85)
18. Out of Love (10/85)

Radio Sessions

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fantom said...

Thanks for this. That 10/85 session is new to me and the sound the band had then was quite interesting.