Feb 3, 2010

Human Television. All Songs Written By Human Television.

Human Television purposefully set out to make the kind of music that could be seamlessly dropped into a mixtape alongside The Chills, R.E.M., The Go-Betweens, The Wedding Present, and any number of Sarah Records bands. "Our primary motivation for writing music is to make more music that sounds like the music we like to listen to," say the band. Perhaps not as ambitious as taking drugs to make music to take drugs to, but commendable nonetheless.

“Saw you walking by here just the other day / I said hey, hey hey hey hey”, they sing nonchalantly, as if they hadn’t just written one of the catchiest indie-pop songs since I don’t know when. The rest of the mini-album is made up of similar casual, good-natured tunes, with plenty of warm, strummy guitars, fast, bright melodies, and bouncy beats. They really believe in this music and manage to reach back to the best of college rock’s past without sounding like they’re merely aping the style. It’s one of the best albums of the 80’s that just happened to be released in 2004.

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