Sep 23, 2009

V/A. The Sound of Leamington Spa. Volume 5.

1. Nine Steps To Ugly - Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
2. Perfect - Desire
3. A Strange Desire - Promise To Lie
4. On The Waterfront - Mrs. Harrington
5. The Shrew Kings - Losing My Cool
6. The Incredible Blondes - Forever (Swansong)
7. No Flags etc - Rubble
8. This Poison! - Driving Skills
9. Carpenter Joe - The Path Of Most Resistance
10. Kid Sinister - The Cradle Born
11. Almost Charlotte - Frustration
12. Men Of Westenesse - Boating
13. The Honeymooners - Untitled
14. Action Painting! - Boy Meets World (alt version)
15. Black Cillas - Sebastian
16. The Thieves - And Then He Died
17. Ade Moose and Walker - Lounge Around
18. The Wildhouse - Ficca

Volume 5

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Anonymous said...

bloody amazing to find these here- i happened on the double LP of Vol 2 at an LP sale and fell in love with the sound. thanks much for posting them! problem with this download tho- tracks 1 and 5 seem to be damaged. any chance of a repost? either way thanks again!


Egnu Cledge said...

Sorry about that. I've uploaded a new version of this album that should download and unzip with no errors or corrupted files.