Sep 4, 2009

Tragic Mulatto. Chartreuse Toulouse.

You don't hear the tuba as a lead all that much (outside of Billy and the Boingers). Tragic Mulatto, however, make a strong case for it being more than a literal heavy metal instrument. Fronted by the aptly named Flatula Lee Roth (along with Bambi Nonymous and the Rev. Elvister), TM rocked it for the San Francisco freaks back in the day. Imagine Grace Slick backed up by the Butthole Surfers, and you have a pretty good idea of their sound. This is probably their most accessible record, although there's no shortage of hard-core-bad-acid-psych-punk-noise-exorcisms (check out the kick-ass Slade cover, I Don't Mind, and the call to arms Rise Up/Get Down).


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BenYitzhak said...

I'm guessing that's an Eb tuba. But she's good. Very good. I wish I were that reliable on the upper register.