Jul 31, 2009

Pink Floyd. Akademiska Foreningens Stora Sal. Lund, Sweden. 03/20/1970.

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Pink Floyd is one of those bands that occupies such a huge portion of my listening history and love of music that I'm at a loss for where to even begin describing them in any coherent way. They were the very atmosphere of my teenage years. Anyway, pretty much everybody formed their opinion of them ages ago. Of course, if your only knowledge of them is from classic rock radio*, you might find that this sounds like a completely different band.

As bootlegs go, this is a great show with fantastic sound. They're still in that early middle period; just emerging from the Piper and Saucerful days, excitedly exploring who they were and what they could possibly be. The early material, though not quite as tight as the live versions on Umma Gumma, show them reaching for something more, trying to pull them apart a little and incorporate some of their newfound tension and drama. Cymbaline sounds sufficiently ethereal without them dicking around with that disembodied footsteps effect, and Saucerful always sounds better when Dave does the choral part at the end. On everything, you really get a sense of them interacting as a band; the intertwined musical call and response to the various directions, sounds and melodies each member creates. I love this period of pure musicality, before they got locked into playing sets that just required duplicating their previous concept album (not that some of those aren't worthwhile, too).

*An open rant to classic rock and oldies stations: Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick people! You have over fifty fucking years of music to pick from. Play Fearless instead of Another Brick in the Wall, or No Quarter instead of Stairway to Heaven, or any of the dozens of awesome Kinks songs that aren't Lola. And just because something was a top ten hit during the 50's or 60's doesn't mean it was rock and roll. I think I may have heard Buddy Holly once on an oldies station, but fucking Sugar Shack got played all the god damn time. There's no excuse for that.

Disc 1:

1. Astronomy Dominé
2. tuning
3. Careful with that Axe, Eugene
4. tuning
5. Cymbaline
6. tuning
7. A Saucerful of Secrets

Disc 2:

1. The Embryo
2. tuning
3. Interstellar Overdrive
4. tuning
5. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
6. tuning
7. The Amazing Pudding (Atom Heart Mother)

Lund CD 1
Lund CD 2

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