Jul 24, 2009

The Caretaker Race. Hangover Square.


I have a major soft spot for bands who swam in that sort-of sub-Smiths level of sound—bright, jangly guitar pop, perfect for listening to on autumn days while wrapped in a cardigan, riding over cobblestones on your vintage bicycle.

The Caretaker Race come to us via The Loft, who were also excellent, and wrote one of my favorite songs, Up the Hill and Down the Slope. The best part is the guitar solo at the end, rushing headlong down the hill; notes sharp and upright, like a plucked antenna. They very kindly incorporate the same bit into one of the songs on Hangover Square, which is altogether a much stronger album than anything they had done in their previous incarnation.

Another contender for "lost gem" status.

Hangover Square

Caretaker Race wikipedia page

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