Nov 17, 2009

Honey Tongue. Nude Nudes.

I can't decide if a Breeders/Spiritualized collaboration would be awesome or impossible. This album doesn't answer that question anyway, despite featuring Josephine Wiggs and Jon Mattock. It sounds more like Nico recovering from a hangover with the Young Marble Giants. Released way back in 1992 and completely overwhelmed by the success of their respective "proper" bands, this is a decidedly eccentric affair and clearly the baby of two people who wanted to do something that wouldn't be recognized by fans expecting incandescent pop or sonic bombast. Although Josephine played every instrument other than drums, it all sounds as if they just sat down together in front of the mic with an acoustic guitar and a little drum kit and played the album through direct to tape. It's spare and intimate with snaky melodies and a slightly nervous edge. I find it a bit dour, although Driver (which I think the Breeders occasionally covered live) and Like a Lobster are both quite good.


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