Aug 14, 2009

Close Lobsters. Headache Rhetoric.

Whilst flipping through my library's copy of Spin magazine on my lunchbreak today, I was pleased to see one of my favorite "lost" bands highlighted in their 100 Greatest Bands You've (Probably) Never Heard Of.

"After appearing on the legendary C86 post-punk compilation, this Glaswegian quartet released two exquisite albums, offering pleasurably chiming, subtly psychedelic guitar lines that virtually defined late '80s indie pop."

I think they deserve an entire article, and a retrospective box set would be nice, but you take what you can get. They only put out two albums and an EP, but each one is utterly wonderful. Probably some of the best music to come out of that scene.

I was going to say that Headache Rhetoric is a fair bit less sunny than their first album, but Foxheads Stalk This Land isn't so much sunny as sharply lit. Headache is more musically aggressive than their first album, but still underpinned by solid pop structures and wonderfully chiming guitars.

If you enjoyed the 14 Iced Bears, you'll probably dig this, too.


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